Are you passionate about music? Obsessively creative? Feel like an outcast? Not sure where you fit in? Ready to dig deeper to learn more about you and your craft? 

The Black Sheep Ensemble is a team of extraordinary visionaries and creatives just like you, who are dedicated to uncovering their unique and authentic artistry.

Want to join the team?


The Black Sheep Ensemble offer short weekend courses throughout the year. Click here for more information.

HOWEVER … we’re not your normal ‘short course’. We’re a community…

Change happens when you have the right tools AND the right team of people around you to inspire you, challenge you, hold you accountable and support you throughout your journey. That’s why all of our Black Sheep short course graduates, can undertake any course they’ve already attended and completed, at any time for free. Mastery requires repetition, consistency and dedication, so we provide that opportunity for all of students.

Through out the year, exclusive events and opportunities are available only for our Black Sheep short course graduates.

Why us?

At The Black Sheep Ensemble, we don’t pigeon hole, label or box our artists. We provide the tools, the community and the guidance for the artist to dig deep inside them selves, to find their OWN art and expression.


A lot of programs do not focus on the self as much as they do the material aspects of the art or industry. The art cannot be separate from the self, hence why Black Sheep Ensemble focus deeply on self-discovery and personal development. He who knows himself well, will know and express his art best. The industry (and the world) needs more humans brave enough to show the unique Black Sheep of self, instead of mimicking that which has already been done.


Our competitors focus on finding the artist genre. We believe, the artists must find & discover themselves, develop a sense of self and a sense of certainty around their unique and creative persona first. Once the artist has developed a clear vision, the genre will come naturally. Rather than picking a genre from current styles, we provide a safe and supportive place for the artist to create their own. Genre is not important, so much as discovering the unique art inside each human that cannot be labelled or shelved into a category.


For the ready & willing, this is where the rubber hits the road. Black Sheep Ensemble teach the artist what is required to take the dream and manifest it into tangible reality, with step by step processes, industry contacts, full time mentorship and guidance.